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How to avoid the 5 ways a Haircut can go wrong

by Administrator

Posted Friday, November 16, 2018

5 steps to getting a great haircut and not the wrong haircut

It can be so devastating when you get a haircut you are not happy with


There are only normally two reasons a haircut goes wrong one is Skill and the other is Communication or to be more precise lack of communication. This 5 step checklist will help you avoid a bad haircut Before it becomes a reality.


I actually wrote this post a while ago and on reflection I would like to add one very important point. It's good if a salon is fully booked that's a great sign, however there is a difference between fully booked and over booked. Only you as the customer can judge, but for me I don't do my best work when it feels like a circus. We allow a little bit more time than average for appointments, and I think it pays dividends in the long term.


Check out our 5 point list




  • Take a photo with you, hairdressers are not mind readers a verbal description will never replace a visual representation. At the very least it's a start and you will know whether you are on the same page and not reading a different book.
  • You should get a proper consultation, if you don't get one run for the hills at least on a first visit anyway, the stylist asking "How do you want it" just does not make the grade. This is just as important for the stylist as the client do you Get each other?
  • Listen to the stylist suggestions they do this stuff for a living, you might have a really strong idea, however be open to the possibility that it might not suit you. On the flip side of that if they don't have any ideas I would question that as well Is this the right stylist for you?
  • Stand outside a potential salon and watch, do the clients look happy and do the staff look friendly
  • Check out the salons work on social media and read their reviews do you like the looks, then find out which stylist did the work. Do the good reviews all mention a certain team member?. Do a bit of research or get a recommendation from a friend.

This gives you a bit of a plan, the key point here is communication and consultation everything starts with that. A really good stylist will take time to find out your needs and make suggestions and most salons offer consultations for free.