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Very strong traditional hairdressing

by Administrator

Posted 03 February 2017

Where to get more traditional hairdressing in London
We still see lots of our clients on a weekly basis. Probably because they want a blow dry that lasts or a shampoo and set. The salon has been here over 50 years and although we do lots of edgy cuts, and colors. We still turn out a proper blow dry or shampoo and set. A lot of our clients are wanting more traditional work, because we are very experienced we are able to offer some of the services that it can be hard to find these days.Our clients seem to be happy that we are not adverse when what they require is not the latest trendy look, so whether you are a silver surfer or just want a glamorous look for a party we are happy to help. We can back comb and tease, cut and shape. Our art director is very skilled at geometric cutting so is able to offer a service ti those people requiring a strong foundation cut.

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