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Hairdresser Speak

by Administrator

Posted 08 April 2016

Hairdressing terminology
I forget sometimes that not everybody understands our terminology. I have been asked when quoting the price for a half leg wax "is it both legs?". And the other day I was asked if I could do a permanent wave? Simple right? Nooooooooo

She wanted it to last forever, I explained that the product had not been invented yet. I never say never , because if someone had described the effects of the Brazilian blow dry to me 10 years ago, I would not have believed it was possible.

Just recently I have been freehand painting highlights into the hair which gives you a very natural effect between an Ombre and a ballyage

Late opening

by Administrator

Posted 08 April 2016

Salon open late in Bloomsbury
We opened the salon 14 years ago now, although it has been a salon for about Eighty years. One of the first things I did was change the opening hours so that we closed at 8pm five nights per week. I distinctly remember someone saying that will never work! now evenings are our busiest time. We still try to accomodate last minute appointments, however this is not always possible now. We tried this poster and it has really made a difference. We also tried opening really early two days a week ( I mean silly o'clock). My old dad used to say if you keep your doors open long enough someone will always walk through! seems he was right

Your mobile could be bad for your haircut

by Administrator

Posted 07 April 2016

Mobile phone and haircut
Your mobile phone might be bad for your haircut! Wait a minute what did he say?

I'm not talking about the photo you saved to show your favourite stylist, I'm talking about using the phone. Distraction is an often used word these day's, teachers and seminar leaders would attest to this. But hairdressers ? "Give me a break" you are probably saying, think

About the position of your head. Now think about the position your head should be in naturally. When somebody is hunched over their phone, yes I said hunched! Their head is not in a natural position. It's not that your hairdresser is being awful when they repeat "can you please put your head up". It's just that when you do finally put your head up after the cut " it ain't gonna look right" . If your head was very far forward, and some people try to teleport themselves into the screen. When you lean back it's going to be much longer than you thought. If your a head cocker it's going to be longer one side than the other, the list goes on. If you RELAX feet apart on the floor or footrest and either just chill or talk about your hair " you will definitely get a better hair cut". Ask the hairdresser if you can charge your phone and take that opportunity to put it down for an hour or so.

Why consultation is so important

by Administrator

Posted 05 April 2016

Hairdressers who listen, Hair salons in Bloomsbury
Every good salon experience starts with a good consultation .Even I get confused what product to use, how in the hell is a client meant to decide? My own rule of thumb is if I don’t get an instant result I am not interested. As a stylist of some 40 years + experience I have seen a lot of changes, I remember before Mousse and gel. The styles we create now would not have been possible in 1975 when I started, basically there were a couple of good shampoos and maybe one conditioner and everybody used them. Now there are hundreds if not thousands of good quality products. I try to understand what my customer is trying to achieve, for the last 20 years or so I have studied communication techniques also known as NLP. I try to work out for example if a customer say’s her hair just doesn’t feel right, what she actually means. I had a customer recently who said her hair colour did not feel right, not the condition the colour. That means she processes information kinaesthetically or by feelings, if she bought a dress it would have to feel right. The point is if I use the wrong language and start saying things like “Do you see what I mean” we are just not going to connect. I try to enter their world it makes life easier, I try not to forget that I am getting paid to interpret as well as create. The create bit can be all about the hairdresser, the interpret bit is all about the client.

I have seen too many times (once is too much) a client say to a stylist, please don’t cut too much off. Guess what they cut too much off, because the need to create was greater than the need to listen. I repeat to myself many times in the course of a day “it’s not all about me”. Too short scares the life out of me, once the hair is cut there is no going back, I would prefer to get a ruler out and let the client point to the exact amount they want cut. That goes back to my first model haircut, none of the hairdressers were free so I got my mate who was a Barber to watch me. I was having great fun until she asked me what size rollers I was going to use “Ouch”. The only roller I would have been able to use was a paint roller. And we had tears, and that was 40 years ago a painful but excellent lesson to learn. When you go to a salon try to get a two way conversation going with your stylist, verify that they understand you and don’t be afraid to ask more questions.

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