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Standby Appointments

by Administrator

Posted 08 February 2016

Standby cut and blow dry

Ladies cut and dry £36 Men's cut and dry £25 Blow dry £20 Appointments can be booked by phone any time for the same day or after 3pm for the next morning until 12:00 . For this great price you are guaranteed an up to the minute, precision cut and style with a fully qualified stylist.


Offer cannot be combined with any other offer or discount

Is the New Year really a time for a change of hairstyle

by Administrator

Posted 08 February 2016

Hair Restyle

You're ready for a change that's great ! Do you trust your stylist to give you the right advice? I've lost count of the times a client says " I want it all cut off and bleached". Over the years you develop a warning button, it goes something like " oh dear what's happened". Now I have a great relationship with most of my clients, enough to be able to say " so if you meet someone new next week on the bus to Clapham are you going to regret this?" Most times the answer is YES! . Followed by a cup of tea and a very long chat about a totally new look that flatters, and not makes her look as if she is off to war, and of course some empathy with the situation. That's not always the reason for a change but it's up there in the top three along with changing jobs or just plain getting up one morning and being bored with yourself. So my question is if I just go ahead and change it or do the bleach whatever! How responsible does that make me? I did not come into this industry to make people miserable, however I am painfully aware that I possess that ability. It's like a phobia that goes right back to my first (thank god) model haircut, 40 years ago and I can still remember her name. The points I took away from that experience were I did not listen , I did not think, I did not listen I repeated listen twice because God gave you two ears and one mouth, which do you think you are meant to be use more ?, by the way that's true for life as well. However it's meant to be a two way conversation with me listening and then listening some more, then I ask questions based on what I heard. I'm listening for keywords and sentences, such as "fed up" or even "split up" you need the reason before you give the answer. What do they do for a living, a barrister ok so the spiky bleached Mohican is out then even if they are wearing a wig. Let's skip forward a bit, suppose you have the reason for a change of hairstyle, and a possible solution. You then need another round of questions, how much time do you spend on your hair? Are you good at doing your hair? As a hairdresser I am definitely going to be able to manage it but are they? I don't want to give somebody something that is going to turn out to be the bane of their life for the next six weeks. Even if it looks good when they walk out of the salon it's still better if it's manageable. How long does this third degree interrogation take? About 5 to 10 minutes if your stylist is good. If they just go ahead with the bleach and crop they are either very gifted or maybe you should be the one asking the questions?

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