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Static hair nightmare? try this amazing solution

by Administrator

Posted 03 December 2016

How to combat static hair

It's winter right? we know that for two reasons

It's freezing outside!

and when we blow dry hair it behaves as if it has been wired into the national grid

That's what static will do for you, but why is it that it only seems to happen during the winter? And what can we do about it?

It's cold so the heating is on, the heating drys the air up along with the natural moisture content in your hair. There are a couple of things you can do to help counteract this

Buy a humidifier which puts moisture back into the air

Spray the brush with hairspray before you run it through the hair. You of course only do this after blow drying and not during or before

use a leave in conditioner, this really helps as it puts moisture into the hair

I hope this helps

Party Hair confusion? You may have a Christmas Hair Ache!

by Administrator

Posted 03 December 2016

Where to get your hair done for the Christmas party

It’s that time of year again……..where most good sense goes out of the window. We eat more and drink more while at the same time, partying harder than is probably good for us. For most hairdressers this is a busier time than normal! So we have to forget about eating lunch for a couple of weeks and get our heads down and get styling ….. Because it’s “PARTY SEASON”.

The big question on everybody’s mind seems to be what to wear and how to do their hair, for the office party. Now you may be thinking? here we go with the sales talk! With knowing utterances about catwalk models and how the latest reality star is wearing their hair. Or what pastel shade you must be sporting to really embrace your inner fashionista…… au contraire!

This is my theory based on 41 years of experience in hairdressing, it seems to be an unwritten rule that you always get to sit next to the person you like the least at the Christmas party. I say this based on a combination of the hilarious stories that we get told by clients, sorry but what’s said here stays here! And my own personal Christmas party misery endured over the years.

On one occasion I had to sit through a monologue of biscuit recipes…. For three hours

But I digress

You probably just want to look fabulous in comparison with your new found non-buddy?.... and I’m a great partner in a little plan to outperform the competition.

I want maximum impact for my customers, and we do research together so it’s not uncommon for emails to fly back and forth with photos.

Keep it uncomplicated… why would I want a simple look you may say?

Well think about the guy who dresses up in his best suit for the Christmas annual food fight, but by the end of the evening, just one side of his shirt is hanging out and his tie is around the back of his neck. How does that happen? Why does that always happen?

and more importantly how cool does it look?

It would seem to be a good idea, if you want to impress? To be still looking like a force of nature at the end of the evening…. Not like you got caught in one.

And so on with the party hair bullet points

• Hair up is not always the best idea if you are going to be consuming copious amounts of alcohol, same goes for wax and gel. Have you ever noticed people run their hands through hair repeatedly when intoxicated? This does not go well with grips, pins and sticky substances.
• Classic is best, go with what you know looks good on your hair not what you wish would look good
• Same as the last point really this is not the time to experiment
• Ask your hairdresser to be honest with you, they may not be as honest as me but hey I’m not for the fainthearted!

Right about now you are probably polarised……. He sounds awful!!! Far too blunt for me

I will admit

• I don’t do air kisses
• I am not going to tell you something will look good “if it won’t”
• This level of honesty is not for everyone and it may not be for you
• In my defence my clients are my friends and we don’t lie to friends

Normally your hair would need to be a bit bigger and bouncier than normal for a party; it will make an impact and has durability. I normally plan Christmas party hair,

I can do instant hair idea!

and yet you get a better result with a plan, and I love success stories from my customers. So there you go a few nuggets to think about, get planning with your stylist of choice and enjoy the party season.

PS why is someone always crying by the door at the Christmas party?

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