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Hair colour correction or disaster

by Administrator

Posted 12 June 2015

How to correct a hair colour that has gone wrong
What do you do when a hair colour goes wrong? normally the first and worst reaction is to panic. For example your hair is far too blonde so you stick a brown over it to correct the problem, result is you then have another problem because your hair is now Green!. Hair colouring is a process like any other however it takes knowledge and training to know what to do when the result is not as expected or wanted. When you go to a new salon do they insist on a skin test? if not beware as that is for your protection as it does not matter one jot that you have been colouring for years. Salons use different types of tint you may be allergic to theirs check.

Lets say you put a colour on your hair and it was too dark so you call the salon and say "now I want it slightly lighter". You could put a few highlights through but that may not be the best thing for your hair, although very often this will be exactly the suggestion you get. At that point you don't want to hear that they can't help you, so it is important that you get a solution however you might be better off hearing the truth of the situation . I would always give a solution that does not compromise the hair in any way.

Too light is much easier to handle but again it takes years to learn how the different colours react with each other, and some don't work well with each other as in the previous example. So if you have a hair colour disaster always seek the help of a professional before attempting to correct it yourself. Consultations are free and we are happy to help

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