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Do you need to colour for a few Grey hairs?

by Administrator

Posted 09 November 2018

What's the easiest solution for a few Grey hairs

If you have a few Grey Hairs what is the best solution?

I would never advise a complete coverage hair dye (Tint) as a first solution. That's like trying to break a walnut with a sledgehammer. I can only speak for myself and I want to build a long term relationship with my clients. They are definately not going to thank me for giving them a solution that looks awful when it grows out, and costs them a ton of money to maintain. So what's a good way of tackling a few grey hairs?


Highlights or lowlights these will detract away from the grey hair and blend them in. Choose highlights if you want a lighter appearance to the hair or lowlights if you want to accentuate the darker and warmer tones
Semi permanents have no peroxide in them so they tend to add lots of shine and stain the grey rather than covering it. This is a good first step but not if you want complete coverage
Temporary cover powders and sticks if you only have a couple of greys this is a great solution, ask your stylist to suggest a good one
Fashion colour techniques for instance slices of colour in the areas that are grey. This is very effective and gives a great result, I personally would not suggest Balayage prefering a stronger technique
Use a grey enhancing shampoo if you decide to go grey be aware that it has a tendency towards yellowing especially if you are in a smoky enviroment. There are some great Silver and Purple shampoos on the market that combat this problem
Finally don't skrimp on the products Grey hair has a tendency towards being dry and coarse. Invest in a great shampoo and a conditioner, and try to have regular trims and treatments
Most good salons offer free consultations and will be more than happy to give you advice on what to do about a few grey hairs.




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