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Colouring your hair, 5 secrets of the best hair colourists

by Administrator

Posted 31 October 2018

Colouring  your hair ,5 secrets that the best best hair colourists use

So you want to get your hair coloured?


Here are 5 things to consider,


  • The salon you attend should perform a skin test 48 hours prior to the service, if the colour is going to be touching your skin . We insist on this for the first visit clients don't always understand especially if they have been colouring their hair for years. The exception is highlights as the colour is isolated in foil. We know it can be a pain to come in for a skin test, however I tell the team I would prefer a client was upset at us for "because we wouldn't do their hair" than upset at us because of something we did to their hair such as a reaction.
  • A professional stylist will give good advice, sometimes it's not what the client wants to hear. For example a tint will not lighten hair that is already tinted, you have to either use a colour remover or lighten it with bleach.I spend more and more time explaining what I'm not able or willing to do, but again I would prefer them to be upset because I wouldn't do their hair than because I did.
  • Not all colours suit, a good stylist will take into consideration your skin tone and the colour of your eyes. They will talk to you about what you want to achieve and make suggestions.
  • Balayage is very popular at the moment, It is achieved by sweeping the colour onto the hair with a freehand motion. It looks great if it is done well but there are many other techniques that can also get a great effect. Sometimes a few well placed foils can make all the difference. A colour specialist will advise you what is best for you.
  • Take care of your colour you spent a lot of money on it. Use the best shampoo and conditioner you can. Some salons have colour refreshing products you can use at home to keep the colour looking bright

If you do want a second opinion we do consultations for free. The salon is 5 minutes from Russell Square underground station. We are also very close to Kings Cross, St Pancras,Bloomsbury and Holborn. We accept all major credit cards including American Express.


We are also a Treatwell top rated salon and have been nominated for Treatwells Salon of the year


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