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6 Mistakes Brides make when planning their wedding hairstyle, and how to avoid them

by Administrator

Posted 11 April 2018

How to avoid the six common mistakes that brides make when planning their wedding hairstyle

Stepping into the unknown can be scary, that's true whether you are learning to Para glide or wearing your hair in a very different style. In fact you might not normally ever consider this particular "#Hairdo", but it's THAT DAY and you want to make a statement. And why not? you are going to be looking at those photos for years to come and showing them to your grandchildren! But you may ask yourself how do I get a look I feel comfortable with?, that goes for Hair and also for Make up. I can only advise on the hair, but I have lost count of the times I have seen a bride uncomfortable when she has been somewhere to get her make up done. So what mistakes do brides tend to make with their hair and how can that be avoided? 1/ They bring photos of a specific style! reason that's a mistake? It's not your hair. Instead bring photos of likes and dislikes, bring shots of your dress and theme of the wedding. Then let the stylist help you and guide you 2/ They don't do a trial run!This is a way of leaving nothing to chance it's a great way for you to gain rapport with your stylist and maybe try the style with the dress 3/Forget to tell the stylist they are using hair pieces or have a veil. Or turn up on the day with accessories that were not discussed. I wrote this piece with the help of our wonderful bridal stylist Seniz, but in my experience of 42 years I have even had Brides turn up having forgot to tell me it was for a wedding "REALLY". Before you buy anything discuss it with your stylist and even have a second trial if needed 4/The bride does not consult with the maid of honour or bridesmaids (this is when everybody is organizing their own hair). Then on the day either they turn up with the same or similar Hair styles, or even worse someone inadvertently up stages the bride 5/ They take pictures at the trial, then drive themselves mad nit picking it. Leave some WOW factor for the day 6/The bride doesn't leave enough time on the day, we often get in really early for brides "ask your stylist if they do early appointments". There is nothing worse than when a style needs an adjustment but the clock won't allow it. We hope this has helped and Seniz will be writing more bridal hair advice throughout the season For more Bridal tips check out our friends at Wedding Wire

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