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The pressure a new job brings to restyle yourself

by Administrator

Posted 06 March 2018

A restyle is a must for a new job
So you got a new job, that's exciting in fact really awesome, but what a lot of pressure.I don't know about you but it can be terrifying going to work somewhere new, the fear of the unknown and what will my new colleagues be like. Will they be judging me and my style? so we buy a new wardrobe and think about a change of hairstyle. Great that's fantastic, when my clients do this i'm really excited for them and a little scared also. If you really know your client I personally think it is important to talk this out together. And it's not just the style is it? are you going to feel comfortable with it and to be completely honest....... sometimes it's a new job panic. My job is to spot that and stop my clients making a faux pas, hey if they are perfect the way they are I will tell them. But sometimes people need a little help and encouragement and somebody in their corner. Change needs a trigger and that can be the new job, change is good it gets you going places!

You might be surprised at what ideas your stylist comes up with if you just say this. "If you could do whatever you want with my hair, what would it be?" try it you might be pleasantly surprised

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