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What equals a great Salon experience?

by Administrator

Posted 23 January 2018

Great Hair and Beauty salon experience in London
What makes a great salon visit?

Good question and the answer may be different each time. At our salon in Bloomsbury we aim for good customer service and consistent standards. My goal would be that when the client walks in the door we make her feel as if she is at home. The friendliness has to be genuine, because people are not stupid and they can see right through you game face. We start any appointment with a consultation where we find out what your goals are and make suggestions. It's a good idea to have a visual on your phone as it gives us a basis to work on.If you are concerned about either the condition of your hair or scalp we will generate an energy code at the same time. We want your salon experience to be a good one, and that's why we guarantee our work. If you would like a free consultation give us a call

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