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Get your Energy Code this January

by Administrator

Posted 23 January 2018

Wella Energy Code consultations at CV Hair & Beauty in Bloomsbury WC1N 1AP

CV Hair & Beauty are proud brand ambassadors for Wella, we are really excited to be offering energy code consultations at our Bloomsbury salon. So what is an energy code? To recalibrate the hair’s natural lipid layer, System Professionals’s scientists developed and patented the EnergyCode™ technology: based on a complex of carefully balanced ingredients in specifically targeted concentrations throughout the System Professional range, so that the personal Care System recommended by the Hair Care Consultant transforms each unique hair energy. The secret of transforming hair towards ideal hair is decoded – the hair energy is reborn. NATURAL LIPIDS Oleic Acid and Glyceryl Monooleate help to maintain the structural integrity of hair through re-inforcing and replenishing the cell cement in the hair. HISTIDINE Works in two ways on the hair: It repairs and replenishes the natural protein structure of the hair and helps protect against the damage caused by free radicals. CAFFEINE Increases the blood circulation and keeps the root of the hair energized VITAMIN B3 AMIDE Enhances the moisture balance in the scalp and contributes to strong healthy hair growth, full of energy. RESULT Hair full of energy, responsive and manageable. Hair is less static and frizzy but has more shine and bounciness. To book your FREE energy code consultation call us on 0207 837 0021

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